Brand info

JNBY is a women's clothing brand that has grew together with the development of the Group, possessed of an eminent reputation and high recognition, and having attracted since its inception an entourage of followers with the same ideas about life. 

Embracing the persistent exploration of and persistence as to our products, JNBY has become the most representative women's clothing brand in China today with the philosophy it conveys of “Just Naturally Be Yourself” deeply rooted in the hearts of its customers. 

Our brand perseveres to combine design philosophy “Modern, Vigorous, Charming, Serene” together as well as to focus on research and improving materials, aiming to revive the sentiment of our designs through the experience of wearing them. 

We convey the delight and novelty of culture to urban women who are unique, delicate, sensitive, romantic and elegant, helping them feel the surprises and poetry in everyday life, which is also the secret to keeping our brand energetic and full of potential. 

In 2005, our men's wear brand CROQUIS(速写) was founded by the Group. This brand is devoted to gathering a group of new generation of middle-class youth who are optimistic, independent, and began to re-discover themselves with a composed and rational perspective. 

CROQUIS(速写) adheres to its artistic DNA, with the brand value that “Re-Consider Humorously”, endeavors to develop elegant and playful clothes for men between the ages of 25 and 40 who enjoy the fun of dressing. Our brand, continually guided by the aesthetic design concepts of “ Elegant, Playful, Contemporary and Textured”, thanks to superior fabrics and distinguished craftsmanship, creative collections, and high versatility, offers consumers new perspectives on life as well as an enjoyable dressing experience.


In 2011, JNBY Group launched its first children's clothing brand, jnby by JNBY. 

With “free imagination” as its philosophy, this brand targets children between 0-10 years old. 

Drawing upon design technique of contemporary art, with “Freedom, Imagination, Joyful and Sincerity” as the core design concept, this brand absorbs the joys of life, sharing art and knowledge, and conveying beautiful values. Meanwhile, the brand encourages parents and children to grow together, rekindling parents' childlike innocence to seek freer, purer and happier interactions space, revealing the true nature of children and their individual talents.


In 2003, JNBY Group founded the women's clothing brand "less", whose minimalist gene came from the architectural philosophy of the famous architect Mies van der Rohes "less is more". 

For less, the meaning of "less is more" is "To live more, desire less" embracing the concept that simpler way of life brings more surprises. 

With the design philosophy of "simple, refined, independent and rational", the brand serves a new generation of female professionals from 30 to 45 years old who are independent, sophisticated, rational and pursue simple living. 

We strive to deal with all kinds of occasions with exquisite and durable collections. It is our consistent creed to live more and desire less which in return brought about fast and meaningful growth.

In 2016, POMME DE TERRE was founded by the Group. POMME DE TERRE is an emerging brand, which is designed for kids and Juveniles aged from 6 to 14 years old who are in the "self-exploration period" and "semi-autonomous period". "Free", "casual" and "exploration" as the brand concept, combined with exquisite craftsmanship and texture, this brand aims to provide contemporary kids and juveniles with relaxed dressing experience and deeper emotional resonance.

In 2016, the Group founded a new housewares brand, JNBYHOME. We focus on good ways of living and the joys of life. 

We create indispensable “luxury” products for the post-materialist era. 

We build enduring experiences of completeness and calmly confront the mass consumption era. We value materials and share designs that are attuned with the laws of nature. 

Our slogan is “live lively.” We believe in integrating details of lively and aesthetic tastes in every real space, revealing people’s actual modes of living and portraying their proactive and free attitude. 

Our vision captures spaces that are marked by living, focuses on those who live there, and articulates their narratives.

JNBYHOME is thus more akin to a diary, curiously connecting all of the interesting anecdotes in each and every room. 

Through this means, we wish to preserve life’s fractured memories and the people and events that are encountered. 

Meanwhile, we discover and present some unnoticed structures and stories of people who create quietly.  

REVERB embraces "circular fashion" as its brand philosophy, focusing on the three design concepts of "Ahleisure, Genderless, and Sustainability". 

Carefully crafted with respect for planet and people, REVERB aims to inspire its target customers — young and fashionable millennials — to explore the future of fashion thinking.

In 2019, JNBY Group and the famous Italian designer Mr. Andrea Pompilio co-founded a new young menswear line - A PERSONAL NOTE 73. The brand is mixed with diversified culture, high street fashion and artistic features. It playfully captures the classic and reproduces it by using modern approaches.
Mr. Andrea Pompilio has received his master degree in fashion design at Istituto Marangoni and has worked for many international high-end brands, such as Prada, Calvin Klein, Yves Saint Laurent etc. In 2011, he won the Italian design competition "Who's the Next".
Designer Andrea Pompilio seeks for both elegance and pragmatism in his design and combines them with contemporary urban style. He perfectly integrates workwear and military uniform style with Italian traditional tailoring techniques by using contrasting colors and lively elements to elaborate on the concept of refined esthetics and high street fashion. The designer is mastered in handling quality and details of the pieces. Equipped with solid tailoring techniques and creative inspirations, Andrea Pompilio gives a brand-new definition on contemporary men's fashion from an informal perspective.